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"People will push you down. They’ll reject your ideas and make you doubt yourself. You may even fail a few times. What matters is staying true to your core values and vision, empowering women along the way."
30 Tips For Thriving
ThriveGlobal - June 15, 2017
"That’s when I realized I was a resilient and fearless feminist, and that I would never allow anything to knock me down long enough to take the wind out of my sails; nor would I let anyone tell me what I could or could not do based on my gender."
If You Love Social Entrepreneurship, Get a Whiff of This!
TrendHunter - May 25, 2017
"We wanted to create unique scents that did more than just make you smell amazing. Our unique formulas are designed to remind you of how amazing you are and how beautiful the world can be."
New perfume range supports women surviving abuse and trafficking
BaseNotes - June 23, 2017
""DIVONA is more than a perfume company. We care deeply about giving back to the world around us and uplifting young women facing difficult times. This is important to us, the founders, because we are survivors of domestic abuse/assault and wanted to create unique scents that did more than just make you smell amazing. It’s crucial to us that we all unite and positively impact the lives of women who’ve been through challenges and provide them with love and kindness. We do this by working with different nonprofit organizations that tackle the following issues: abuse and human trafficking" - Divona Founders Mylene Paquin and Kayte Torreao da Costa"
Divona, Perfume with a Purpose, Now Calling for Kickstarter Support!
"This is why at DIVONA, a portion of each perfume purchase goes toward creating care packages for women in need. We believe that every woman can become empowered when they are given love and support!"
Cause Artist - Introducing A Social Impact Perfume Empowering Victims of Trafficking and Domestic Abuse
"But what if a fragrance could evoke that moment when a woman began to believe in herself and love herself again? And what if each purchase of a perfume supported women recovering from abuse and trafficking? That’s the goal of DIVONA, a new perfume line with a social impact."
DIVONA perfume looks to empower women, one purchase at a time
Apt613 - June 13, 2017
" We didn’t want to create just another perfume company – we dreamed of creating a perfume company with purpose. One that supports the issues that many women care about. We can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it is for these women to rebuild their lives. If something as small as a care package can bring light into these women’s lives, we believe it’s worth all the effort, and we think a vast majority of consumers will too"
GirlTalkHQ - Perfume Brand Launches With Social Impact Campaign Helping Survivors Of Trafficking and Abuse
GirlTalkHQ - June 13, 2017
"I am the woman who cheers you on when you are at your most vulnerable. I am the woman who celebrates you when you face your fears and push past all the naysayers and obstacles standing in your way. I am the woman who will always have your back and show you how incredibly awesome you are, no matter what your story is."
Feminist Wednesday - Meet Mylene, The Co-founder of DIVONA
Feminist Wednesday - April 26, 2017
"Divona Siren Eau De Parfum: A single purchase of this gorgeous oceanic perfume ($45) helps support thousands of women across the globe. "
Fragrances You Need to Smell Sweet in Hot Weather
Empowering Women: DIVONA Identity Scents
"I want DIVONA to be recognized as the first social impact crowd-voting platform that provides customers with a direct impact on the causes and the women we empower and support."
Announcing the launch of a perfume brand dedicated to supporting survivors of abuse
Huffington Post - May 23, 2017
"What people often fail to realize is the healing power of self-care. They dismiss the idea that a bright red lipstick could help you ace a job interview by making you feel strong or powerful. They can't understand that sometimes a dab of scent behind your ears can make all the difference in the world between you getting out bed to look for a job or staying in your room in the dark and crying."
Buy A New Perfume AND Send A Lifeline To A Domestic Abuse Survivor In Need
YourTango - June 06, 2017
Top 25 Wellness Brands to Watch in 2017
Thrive Global
SheKnows - Six Female Entrepreneurs Crushing It In 2017
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