DIVONA is revolutionizing the way you experience giving back. When you purchase our paraben/phthalate/cruelty-free perfume, $2 of every full sized bottle purchase will be given directly to Redefining Refuge, a nonprofit that supports survivors of abuse and trafficking. We believe in helping women rebuilding their lives. A start is a donation that will go directly towards their first steps to recovery.
DIVONA is more than a perfume company. We care deeply about giving back to the world around us and uplifting young women facing difficult times. This is important to us, the founders, because we are survivors of domestic abuse/assault and wanted to create unique scents that did more than just make you smell amazing.
It’s crucial to us that we all unite and positively impact the lives of women who’ve been through challenges and provide them with love and kindness. We do this by working with Redefining Refuge, a nonprofit that tackles the following issues: abuse and human trafficking.
We know people want to make an impact in the world. But we know how hard it is to know if we are making a change. We also know people want their impact to reflect who they are. We created a line of perfumes that provides you with a scent that reflects your unique identity as well as an easy way to empower thousands of women with a single purchase.
Our platform is designed to create a ripple effect of empowerment on a global scale. We do this in two ways: 1) our partnering nonprofit help us reach women in need, and 2) our company hires women who make the perfumes and ship them directly to you! DIVONA will create an empowerment and self-love movement that grows exponentially with your purchases.
All 12 perfumes in our Identity line are cruelty-free, paraben-free, vegan, and phthalate-free. We work closely with our focus group and perfumers to capture the essence of each persona associated with the fragrances.
The original idea for DIVONA was first developed in 2015 by Mylene Paquin, an award-winning creative director and marketing strategist. Shortly after, she met Kayte Torreao da Costa, an expert in IT and operations. They instantly formed a bond over their past traumas and desire to support women. DIVONA was officially founded in 2016. Andrea Fender purchased the company in September of 2019. It is based out of Olympia, Washington.